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Who was piloting the co-pilot?

Following the crash of Germanwings flight 4U9525, on 24th March 2015 in the Alps, the Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses for civil aviation safety (BEA), published its final report on 13th March 2016 in Paris:  ).
This report highlights the incompatibility between “antidepressant medicine and fitness for flight”.  
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCDH) has produced this brochure showing the involvement of psychiatry and the direct role of psychotropic drugs in this catastrophe. Psychiatric doctors prescribed Andreas Lubitz, the copilot, several psychotropic drugs that are totally incompatible with flying a plane.
As you read this brochure, you will discover that the copilot was under the influence of Seroplex (Cipralex), Mirtazapine, Valdoxan (Agomélatine) and Zyprexa (Olanzapine) whose side effects are as follows:

“The patient must be warned against the potential risk of impairment of his aptitude to drive vehicles and to use machines.”

“Increase in the risk of suicidal type behavior… …Close monitoring of patients, and in particular those that are high-risk, must accompany the drug therapy.“

“Olanzapine can impair the mental and physical capacities necessary to drive or operate heavy machinery.”

“ The adverse effects are particularly serious, in particular […] neuropsychic trouble with suicide, aggression, convulsions, dizziness, as well as sometimes serious muscular damage. “
In light of these facts and with a view to ensuring the future safety of passengers and crews, CCHR is requesting to autorithies to intervene with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), so that the following safety measures be made mandatory:

1)  Prohibit pilots and copilots from performing their duties while under the effect of psychotropic drugs, alcohol or any other illegal drug;

2)  Set up regular, random testing of pilots and copilots, to detect any consumption of psychotropic drugs, alcohol or any other illegal drug;

3)  Mandatory requirement for the physician prescribing psychiatric drugs to a pilot or a copilot to first consult with the relevant occupational health authority.
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Who was piloting the co-pilot?
To read the brochure comfortably go full screen mode !

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